C.O.R.E. First Responder Members

C.O.R.E. Fitness & Boxing Club goes beyond being a gym or a fitness club. We want our members to feel at home while challenging them to become better. Proper health is more than physical well-being, it is mental. Boxing has been proven to decrease stress, improve self-esteem and mental health as a whole. With our military type training, we are able to help our first responders improve their performance through our program. We need them to be at their best while defending, serving and saving us everyday. We appreciate all of you all so much for your service and we thank you for being our heroes.

I’ve always known the I wanted to help people and I’ve leaned towards law enforcement in the past, but I’ve stopped myself because I didn’t think I could pass the POWER test. The only thing on the POWER test I didn’t think I could pass was the bench press. I played college volleyball and I’ve had two shoulder surgeries so as you could imagine my upper body strength suffered. I finally sucked it up and applied for a couple of departments. After failing 1 POWER test I knew I needed to find someone to help me because I couldn’t do it on my own. That’s where Jay comes in! We met twice a week and he had me ready to pass in like 4 months! Not only did he have me benching enough to pass the test but I was also doing non assisted pushups which is something even my doctor said I may never be able to do again. If it weren’t for Jay I wouldn’t be in my dream career right now.


The experiences and opportunities I have had the privilege to be a part of through C.O.R.E. Fitness and Boxing have been instrumental in my recent fitness journey. While in the Coast Guard, physical fitness has played an imperative role in my day to day duties and responsibilities. Throughout my career, whether it be conducting drug interdiction, high vessel asset escorts or working aids to navigation, certain physical standards have been required and necessary to be able to complete the mission. Since starting at Core my strength and cardiovascular endurance have both improved substantially. This has not only helped my PT scores increase immensely, but also assisted in my day to day work life. I would highly recommend this Gym and its intense HIIT workouts to any age group or motivated individual. Core Fitness and Boxing can be beneficial to everyone, no matter what your body goals may be.

MK3 Rand Willet USCGC Sangamon

I am so thankful for Core Fitness and Boxing. They were so helpful and welcoming, I immediately felt at home. Not only was class helpful in getting into shape but I also was able to learn new techniques and skills. Going to class has boosted my confidence in being strong and being able to defend myself if need be. I love Core fitness and will continue going for a long time. 


I am a first responder and going to nursing school right now. It feels so great to be supported by this gym and the people that work and train here. It has helped me in many ways not only physically, but also mentally. I noticed the physical aspect only a few weeks into attending and I plan to continue to be a member at this supportive gym. The coaching staff is so helpful and wants everyone to give their all. They are so encouraging and make sure everyone makes it to the goal that they are wanting to reach. 


Since becoming a member at CORE fitness and boxing, I have easily gotten in the best shape I’ve been in since getting out of the Marine Corps. I have long missed being able to train in such a family-like atmosphere that all veterans miss when they leave the service. Both my physical and mental health are at an all time high thanks to the team of trainers at CORE. This place is much more than just a gym, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to any fellow veterans trying to find a creative and challenging fitness program.