Class Descriptions

Trainer’s Choice

Your trainer determines your fate for this class!

Core Strong

Is the use of the body’s natural weight as well as multiple adjectives to enhance muscle performance along with boxing and kickboxing movements, that will give this workout an extra punch.

Core Fight

Is designed to give you the non-contact training but provide you with the techniques real fighters exhibit. In fight, you will use multiple boxing combinations, kickboxing techniques, as well as, some aspects of MMA.

Core Grit

Is our stamina tester. It’s a series of kickboxing, boxing, cardio and strength movements designed to see how much you can take and for how long? This system is high impact with minimal rest. The goal of grit is to keep your heart rate in your maximum zone for an extended period of time.

Core Fit

Is undoubtedly the staple of C.O.R.E. Fitness & Boxing Club, as this is one of the most high impact and challenging classes on the schedule. Fit is our signature multi-station and multi-movement class, which also includes boxing and kickboxing movements. This is when you don’t stop until you drop… and even then, YOU KEEP GOING!