Beginner Class

Try us out!

We all have to start somewhere! Boxing can be intimidating, but our staff assures you that this is like no other fitness environment. You have a trainer there with you every step of the way! In addition, you have friendly members that also have goals to achieve, so you are not alone! All of our classes are beginner friendly, so you do not have to feel like you can’t keep up. Our classes are designed for you to go at your own pace while being motivated to push through and finish strong!


The starting process is easy.


Step 1

Meet the trainer that will be leading you through the class.

Step 2

Fill out our general waiver, which can also be printed online.

Step 3

Get your hand wraps which are sold in the gym

Step 4

You will be shown how to properly wrap your hands and how to throw each of the 6 punches in boxing.

Once these steps have been completed, it’s time to put the gloves on, relive stress, and burn calories one punch at  a time!